The revolutionary technology of Wave Swell Energy can find applicability in many and varied coastal applications. This means that the communities in which we may be involved are at all stages of local development. We know that working closely with a local community is essential when introducing a new technology, so we have focussed our community aims in four priority areas – these are our driving principles:


Our proprietary equipment will have worldwide patent protection, but we see these patents as really having a dual-purpose. It is normal practice for patents to be used to secure our market position from infringers or counterfeiters. However, by owning patents in some developing countries, the company intends to operate these assets philanthropically. We will be offering royalty-free licences for use of our patents and knowhow in specific countries, in conjunction with local governments and grid operators. This means that if a self-funded local community wishes to build and install our design of wave energy generation equipment, then we will offer them a licence to do so free. We will also offer the basics of how to build it locally, and to operate it. Our patent in that country will only be used by us to protect the capital investment made by the local community, for example by blocking any infringers or counterfeiters. We see this as one way we can ‘even the score’ for poorer communities, which otherwise may not be able afford the equipment when manufactured in industrialised countries. Candidate communities include many countries in Africa which are well-known to sailors and surfers as having suitable coastal waves and tidal behaviour, examples including Morocco, Senegal, Liberia, Mozambique, South Africa, Angola, and Namibia.